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Adejumo Adekunle

Senior Reservoir Evaluation Engineer at Schlumberger International

"I highly recommend Mr. Adeoti to all parents desiring the best academic performance for their children. As a former student of Mr. Adeoti, I made distinctions in Further Mathematics and Mathematics both in WAEC and NECO through lessons received from Mr. Adeoti.

Irrespective of your child’s current academic performance, be rest assured that Mr. Adeoti is able to improve his/her academic performance through his teaching style. If you require an F rated student to become A rated, then you have to engage Mr. Adeoti.

I sincerely thank Mr. Adeoti for improving my academic performance during my days as his student.

 – 9 Distinctions at SSCE"


Sweiya Eric Peters

Enrolled in University Foundation Programme at Brooke House College, Leicester, United Kingdom.
"Mr. Adeoti is an excellent teacher who will try his best to teach you and put you through sheer hard-work. He can be very harsh sometimes but he will still teach you in the way he knows best."

Nimi Lawson

Studies Mechanical Engineering at University of Leicester, United Kingdom.
“ Mr Adeoti is a strict teacher who doesn't waste time getting to the point, he tackles each problem from the root. Mr Adeoti’s classes are hard but if you do what he asks, you will see results. He is a great teacher! ”
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Adeoti AbdulAzeez

Studies Computer Engineering At Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria
“ Mr Adeoti is the best tutor i have met. He always insists on you putting your best in whatever you do regardless of people's opinion. Through him, i was able to excel in my examinations and gained admission. He advised me to follow my passion and i discovered my talents in IT/Computer hardware and software which i further developed and became a certified web developer”

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